8th February 2019: The self-seeded garden – Kathy Crouch

What’s On This Month

Looking ahead in 2019 the RHS hosts Shows throughout the country during the year. Click on the link below for more information about the Shows:

  • RHS Malvern Spring Festival. 9-12 May 2019.
  • RHS Chatsworth Flower Show. 5-9 June 2019.
  • RHS Flower Show Cardiff. 12-14 April 2019.
  • RHS Chelsea Flower Show. 21-25 May 2019.
  • RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival. 1-7 July 2019.
  • RHS Flower Show Tatton Park. 17-21 July 2019.
  • RHS London Shows.

From 16th-24th February Killerton House (National Trust) is organising a February half term flower trail. Admission fees apply but the flower trail is free and booking is not needed.

For more information see the following link:

What to do in the garden this month

  • Prune wisteria now, cutting back summer side shoots to 2 or 3 buds.
  • Prune overwintered fuchsias back to one or two buds on each shoot.
  • Trim winter flowering heathers as the flowers disappear, to prevent the plants becoming leggy.
  • Start chitting early potatoes – stand them on end in a module tray or egg box and place them in a bright, cool, frost-free place.
  • Lift and divide snowdrops still ‘in the green’ if you want to move them or create more plants.
  • Stock up on pots, compost, labels, twine and other sundries in readiness for improved conditions.
  • Plant bare-root roses, hedging and fruit trees.
  • Towards the end of the month prune summer-flowering Clematis before active growth begins.
  • Trim deciduous hedges before the birds start nesting.

Did you know?

With Valentine’s Day on 14th February, many will be offering roses as a sign of love and affection, but did you know that there are other flowers which are said to symbolise love?



(Acacia dealbata, Mimosa, Wattle) signifies true friendship and secret love. On 8th March in some European countries, including Italy, men present acacia flowers to women as a sign of love and affection.

Blue violet

(Viola sororia) flowers symbolise faith, affection, intuition and love.


(Jasminum), with its heady perfume, represents modesty, love and sensuality.


(Rubiaceae) are associated with romance and especially to those experiencing a secret love.


(Myosotis) imply true love, and just as the name implies, they are given in the hope they (or the sender) will never be forgotten.

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Don’t forget that if you have any gardening stories or photos to share with us, we would love to hear from you!

Did you take part in the RSPB Birdwatch this year? You probably notice the birds that visit your garden but you can help to attract more by making feeders for them. The RSPB has some great ideas:

Make a bird kebab
Create a yummy kebab, hang it up outside, and hang on for your feathered friends to come flocking for lunch.

Make a speedy bird cake
Make this quick and easy cake to keep the birds happy.

Assemble an apple bird feeder
This core activity is easy to complete and is bound to make your bird-loving friends green with envy.

Produce a pine cone feeder
Sticky fun for you and a warming, winter treat for the birds.

For more ideas go to:

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