The Beast from the East

On 1st March, meteorological spring arrived and with it ‘The Beast from the East’! Even Kilmington experienced quite heavy snowfall, followed by freezing rain which made getting out and about decidedly slippery and caused many icicles to form! Thankfully the snow has...

Magical Nature

In spite of the seemingly incessant rain, nature has been working its magic throughout January, thanks to the mild temperatures. Here in Kilmington, bulbs are shooting up, plants and shrubs are bursting into flower and, as can be seen in this month’s photos, catkins...

Thinking about the weather

The weather always seems to be a dominant factor in the minds of British gardeners, especially when reflecting on growing conditions during the preceding twelve months. This year is no exception. Last February we noted frost, gales and Storm Doris; in March...

Winter is here

A cold end to November reminds us that winter is here (meteorologically speaking) and the joys of the Christmas season will soon be getting under way with present-buying, card-writing and party-going! Anticipating the festive mood, Kilmington Gardening Club members...

Topsy-turvy Weather

The weather seems to have been topsy-turvy over the last month and our plants are as confused as we are! However, now that the clocks have gone back we need to focus on our preparations for autumn and winter. Our AGM and social evening on Friday, 10th November gives...

Autumn has arrived

Autumn has arrived and October means the harvest, (the apple crop has been particularly good this year), pumpkins and putting the clocks back! It is also the time when we can look forward to the glowing colours of autumn foliage followed by the fall of the leaf, which...


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